Survey: Estonia most desirable destination in Baltics for global talent

  • 2024-05-13
  • LETA/BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN - The Decoding Global Talent 2024 survey, which included 150,000 workers from more than 188 countries, identified the countries to which international talents are willing to move for work, with Estonia ranking as the most desirable destination in the Baltics but still lagging far behind the Scandinavian countries.

The survey aims to understand people's willingness to move abroad for work, determine international talents' expectations of their employers and work, and map out preferred destinations. According to the survey, Australia has emerged for the first time as the most desirable destination for international talents. In 2021, Australia was the third preferred destination, fourth in 2018, and seventh in 2014.

The United States ranks as the second most attractive destination this year, maintaining its 2021 position. In earlier survey years of 2014 and 2018, the United States held the first position. Canada, which was in first place in 2021, is now the third choice for job seekers.

Other top ten most desirable destinations include the United Kingdom in fourth place, followed by Germany, Japan, Switzerland, Singapore, France, and Spain.

Among the Baltic countries, Estonia achieved the highest ranking at 73rd, moving up six places compared to the 2021 survey. In 2014 and 2018, Estonia placed 68th.

Other Baltic countries have fallen in the rankings of desirable destinations -- Lithuania has dropped from 93rd place in 2021 to 112th, and Latvia from 96th place in 2021 to 117th.

"According to the survey results, although Estonia is the most desirable destination in the Baltics, it is still very challenging to compete with our northern neighbors," said Grete Adler, head of the recruitment department of CVKeskus job portal. She added that Finland and Sweden are more than three times more desired by talents, ranking 25th and 18th, respectively.

Adler also noted that the general readiness to work abroad has decreased over the years -- from 78 percent in 2018 to 66 percent in 2021, and 63 percent in 2024. This trend is significantly influenced by the growing number of remote workers.

Data from the 2024 survey shows that nearly one in four employees, or 23 percent, are actively seeking opportunities to change their place of residence for work.

London remains the most desirable city in the world for workers, followed by Amsterdam and Dubai. There have been no changes in the top three cities since 2021.

The nearest desirable cities to Estonia where people want to move for work include Oslo, ranking 33rd, Stockholm at 42nd, and Helsinki at 59th. Tallinn placed 120th, while neighboring cities Vilnius and Riga positioned at 134th and 135th, respectively.

Decoding Global Talent is an international labor market survey conducted every few years by Boston Consulting Group, The Stepstone Group, and The Network, a network of leading job portals including Estonia's largest job portal,