Street Artist Kiwie Uses AI to Create New Citadele Card Design

  • 2022-08-18

Citadele has collaborated with well-known street artist Kiwie to create a innovative design for its X smart payment cards. The artist has created the card design using an artificial intelligence programme, and the design is based on his Fat Monster motif, which can be found throughout Riga and is currently in the Kiwieverse virtual reality world.

The X smart cards with Kiwie’s design are available to any Citadele customer who loves Latvia’s best-known street artist, while customers aged 7 to 21 can receive the card with no monthly fee.

“You might think that, when working with a bank, everything has to be subdued and in line with corporate traditions, because that’s simply how things are done. That’s why working with Citadele intrigued me, because what could be better than breaking old stereotypes! My team and I truly enjoyed the freedom that Citadele gave us when developing the new X smart Kiwie card concept and weaving it together with the latest technologies. This card is unique not just for its visual design, which was created with the help of artificial intelligence, but also for various digital surprises which will be offered to clients,” explains famous street artist Kiwie.

“The fact that services are being adapted for the needs of different generations is evident everywhere. Streaming services instead of televisions, ordering goods and services in two clicks instead of calling and ordering, and many more services came about due to the specifics and needs of the youngest generations. It is therefore unsurprising that young people are also driving transformations in traditional services such as finance. When creating services for younger customers, we cannot get away with not including youth idols, gaming elements and digital tools, so we are going a step further by collaborating with Kiwie to create a payment card,” says Jānis Mūrnieks, Head of Private Customer Service at Citadele.

In addition to free transfers and cash withdrawals, the X smart card offers bonuses for active use as part of the X REWARDS loyalty programme, where users can earn points for money spent and exchange them for prizes, as well as enjoying discounts with our partners.

For customers aged up to 18 years, parents can choose the online bank user mode. One mode is the special viewing mode, where young people can make transfers and payments, block, unblock and replace their card. In this mode, the parent or guardian can follow along with their child’s spending, see the account balance and view any transactions made.