State Security Service warns of intelligence risks when crossing the Russian or Belarusian border

  • 2022-04-03
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - In connection with Russia's aggression against Ukraine and other countries, the State Security Service warns Latvian citizens about intelligence risks after crossing the Russian or Belarusian border.

The State Security Service told LETA that the intelligence services of Russia and Belarus have been expanding their intelligence activities against Latvia for a long time.

Taking into account the current security situation in Europe and the tensions in relations between the West with Russia and Belarus, the State Security Service reminds that intelligence services of these countries often approach and try to recruit Latvian nationals when they visit Russia or Belarus. The first contact often takes place at the border, with intelligence officers pretending to be border guards.

In this context, the State Security Service calls on anyone who must cross the Russian or Belarusian border to be careful and turn to the service if a person is unusually being inspected and questioned during the crossing, if the interrogation is carried out by a person in civilian clothes and not in the form of a border guard, and is being asked questions not in the competence of border guards, like, for example, regarding the situation in Latvia, a person's attitude towards the events in Ukraine, as well as if they are asked private questions, like, for example, about their work, the duties to be performed, their financial situation, etc.

The State Security Service also calls for them to be contacted if, during the border crossing, a person is unjustifiably charged with an offense or crime, asked to cooperation, as well as if a telephone number is provided to be called the next time he or she arrives in the country.