Some 17,000 people in Estonia have registered for World Cleanup Day

  • 2020-09-13
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN – Some 17,000 people, including over 11,000 school students and 4,000 children attending a kindergarten, have registered in Estonia for the World Cleanup Day to take place next Saturday. 

Registration continues until the event date, organizers said on Saturday.  

"2020 is one incredible year. What's more incredible is that the world cleanup will take place as usual. There are very many schools and kindergartens among those that have registered, which is fantastic -- it is specifically young people that serve as role models in society," said Mart Normet, manager of the world cleanup day in Estonia.

"In addition, we are working with the Estonian Basketball Association to bring sports fans out to put public basketball courts in order, tidy them up. Churches, businesses and civic associations have displayed interest," Normak said.

Previous years have shown that more people actually take part in the cleanup event than have registered on the website at .

World Cleanup Day will this year take place on Sept. 19. A significant proportion of participants, primarily schools and kindergartens, will take part in the action during the week leading up to Set. 19. There are also some who have chosen the week starting Sept. 21 to join in the global initiative. 

Last year, 20 million people from 180 countries took part in the cleanup marathon. The biggest number of participants, nearly ten million people, was registered in Indonesia. In Estonia the number of participants almost tripled compared with 2018 to close to 29,000 people, accounting for 2.1 percent of the population. In total some 333,000 liters of garbage, including 2,200 liters of cigarette butts, meaning 1.1 million cigarette butts, was collected as part of World Cleanup Day last year. 

The global cleanup event is again led from Estonia this year. The event's call center and media center are located in Tallinn, just like in 2018. The global event will start on the Pacific island of Fiji at midnight on Sept. 19 and end in Hawaii 24 hours later.