Solving the Unsolvable Problems: How to Start a Resume Writing Service?

  • 2022-09-20

If you’ve ever ordered a custom resume from a career advice expert, you may have started thinking, why not start your own resume writing service? People will never stop job seeking, so the resume writing business will always be in high demand. The greatest thing about it is that the target audience of this product covers all age groups in dozens of countries. 

Starting a business is challenging and requires a lot of pre-work. We will try to tell you in a nutshell what steps must be done to run a resume writing company. In this article, you will find the answers to frequently asked questions by businessman wannabes. And most importantly, you will learn how to start a resume writing service.

Determine your role in the business

Most writing companies start from one person - a writer who knows the business from the inside out and wants to grow and take more responsibility. If you have writing experience, you can start by creating resumes for job seekers under your label and expand your business with time. If you don't have expertise in the writing field, focus on creating the right team to run this business. Your role will be to produce ideas, and your team will be in charge of execution. 

How to start a resume writing service on a low budget

Many young entrepreneurs don't have a big budget but have a huge desire to bring their idea to life. Some business people started their companies without a penny in a pocket. How did they do it? The answer is clear and straightforward - investments. 

Drawing the attention of investors is a skill every young entrepreneur must acquire. You can find the potential sponsor of your business at the special meetups of young entrepreneurs and investors. To succeed and get funding for your company, you must prepare an excellent presentation with a clear and consistent business plan. 

Also, you must be ready for an elevator pitch. Usually, it is enough for a sponsor to make up their mind about providing investments just after hearing about the general idea of your product. So, it may happen that you will appear in one elevator with a sponsor, and you will have a unique chance to voice your business idea. But as the elevator goes fast, you have no more than 60 seconds to do it. 

Hire professionals in different industries

Writing jobs are highly popular nowadays. The most valuable writers are those who can create text on specific topics. For instance, if you don't have a medical degree, it is unlikely that you will be able to create an informative, unique article on recent research in ophthalmology. 

The same thing is with resume and cover letter writings. If someone orders a New Grad Nurse cover letter in your company, this order must be completed by a person who worked in the medical industry. Only a person who worked in that field can know what qualifications, accomplishments, and skills employers pay attention to.

The top 5 industries job-seekers want to work in 2022 are:

- Advertising and marketing, 

- IT technology, 

- Healthcare,

- Business and finance,

- Retail.

To craft a winning resume for your client, getting at least one employee from each of these areas of expertise in a writing team is essential.

Create a pricing strategy 

Everyone would want to find a free resume writer to make their order, and it's almost possible with a good professional resume writing service that can beat ATS bots. When you're new to the resume writing market, there is no point in making high prices. Customers are ready to give considerable amounts of money only to those brands they trust. It takes years to build a brand recognized by paying audiences, so your prices must be moderate to attract the first clients. 

Launch a company’s website 

The big advantage of a writing business is that all the processes can be managed online. When you have a budget for your business and a team, your next step is to make a website! Your resume writing service page must contain information about the company, writers, prices, testimonials, and a guide on how to make an order.

If you are concerned with the question, ‘how to start a resume writing service?’, pay a lot of attention to the order form. A customer must have a convenient form to make the order fast and give as many details about their resume as necessary. It would also be great if you offered a welcome discount to all the first clients. Even a 5% discount can drive more leads than no discount. 

Many people don't see the difference between a simple resume and a resume made by a professional. Make a comparison of these two resume types on a homepage to show that the help of pro resume writers can boost the career of every job-seeker. 

For instance, a lot of candidates don't know that recruiters use the applicant tracking system to select only relevant job applications. That is why creating a bot-beating resume with keywords relevant to the candidate's job description is significant. Ordering a resume from a professional writer gives an extensive guarantee that an applicant will land an interview.

Run a social media campaign 

After you hire a team and create a website, it's time to execute the marketing strategy and attract the first clients! The fastest way is to promote your resume writing brand on social media. There are various ways to do it - from making an advertising campaign to collaborating with influencers. 

One of the most significant advantages of a social media campaign is that you can get the first customers during the first week of its launch. Modern advertising tools will connect you with people who are currently in active job search and desperately need the assistance of career experts. 


Starting a resume writing service is an excellent idea for a business in 2022. But to be successful in this business, you should engage a team of professional resume writers, create a website that can convert visitors into customers, and launch a profitable marketing campaign.