Situation in hospitals will be ok this year - minister

  • 2024-04-18
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Last year the financial situation in hospitals was difficult, but this year, although it will not be ideal, "it will be ok", Health Minister Hosams Abu Meri (New Unity) told Latvian Television this morning.

The politician said that in order to get more money to hospitals this year, the Health Ministry's (MoH) report on the first reforms of the hospital network, the approval of which would allow hospitals to receive a total of more than EUR 25 million extra, should move forward smoothly enough.

The Latvian Hospital Association has opposed the plans, but Abu Meri believes that the ministry's overall cooperation with partners is good, although it is clear that the plans will never satisfy everyone. He envisages that the changes proposed by the ministry should be adopted by the beginning of June.

Abu Meri assessed that the situation in hospitals would not be ideal with the additional EUR 25 million, but "it will be ok" because "everything is becoming cheaper this year", additional funds have been allocated in the budget at the beginning of the year and more will be available.

The minister explained that pushing ahead with reforms is important so that "I do not get accused in government" that giving more money has not been followed by efficiency improvements in the healthcare system.

The politician reminded that the MoH plans to put together a new report by next year, elaborating in more detail the reforms in the organization of hospital work.

In two weeks' time, the MoH will start to promote a proposal to extend the list of reimbursable medicines, for which "15-20 million" euros will be allocated.