SHED Co-living is home away home for local and international students to spend their unforgettable years in Vilnius

  • 2023-08-01

SHED co-living is an amazing accommodation place that fosters community, collaboration and personal growth, all while providing a comfortable and stylish living environment.

Everything started when UAB “I Asset Management” European Student Housing Fund team together with talented and professional partners set out to create something truly exceptional. As Eglė Garnienė, SHED Co-living group general manager comments, the team brainstormed tirelessly, carefully considering every aspect of venture, from the brand name, interior design to the amenities offered. 

„We knew that a strong brand name would be vital in attracting the right audience and standing out from the competition. After several work sessions a team came up with the name SHED, which visual identity was developed by We Are Critical agency. It captured the essence of what we wanted to create - a harmonious and welcoming space where people could thrive and build meaningful connections“, says Eglė Garnienė.

As the doors of SHED Vilnius (200 rooms) and Riga (240 rooms) opened in September, 2022, students and young professionals driven by curiosity to experience this innovative living concept, totally occupied all fully furnished modern private rooms and started enjoying comfortable common spaces such as rooftop terrace, gym, study room, lounge and games zones. Word spread quickly about the unique atmosphere and the exceptional amenities offered. The community at SHED thrived as like-minded individuals formed friendships, shared ideas and collaborated on various projects. 

SHED staff is organizing regular community events, workshops and networking sessions, bringing together professionals and experts from various fields to inspire and mentor the residents.

Strong SHED brand name already became synonymous with quality, community and personal growth. Students and young professionals from across the different cities and countries want to be a part of this vibrant community, leading to a rapid expansion of SHED to multiple locations in CEE cities, such as Krakow (566 rooms, opening in September, 2023 and Warsawa).  

During this intensive time in students’ accommodation search, SHED is offering and accepting final reservations for 2023/2024 study years and forecasts to be fully booked same as on the first year in 2022. Because of high demand, better to be quick and book a room at this place and start co-living journey in September! 

Reservations can be made in the official website 

If you have some questions or doubts, do not hesitate to contact the helpful staff via e-mail [email protected] or phone +370 670 00679.