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Will Italy sink Europe?

Despite political turmoil and emerging risks at the global level, the eurozone has had two years of strong economic growth, at least by its own ...

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Killer politicians

“Will no one rid me of this meddlesome priest?” asked Henry II as he instigated the murder of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas B...

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The new disappeared

From the military juntas that ruled Argentina and Chile in the 1970s and 1980s to Joseph Stalin’s iron-fisted regime in the Soviet Union, ...

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Who deserves credit for the strong US economy?

US President Donald Trump claims credit for “the greatest ever” economy, and constantly contrasts economic conditions today with the...

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Taiwan and the Baltics: sharing history, goals and values

Known first of all for its incredibly robust economy, Taiwan has long been pursuing and insisting on freedom, democracy, human rights and the ru...

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Upgrade means less EU money, but a chaos would be disastrous

The focus of our November issue is on perhaps a game-changer decision in Brussels, where the European Commission, the governing body of the Euro...

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Apocalypse averted although the possibility of chaos lingers

In advance of the parliamentary election in Latvia, there were warnings that this would basically be an existential election in terms of the cou...

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Climate change: global challenge requiring global response

Continued growth in emissions of greenhouse gases around the world has caused abnormal and extreme weather events such as heatwaves, droughts, a...

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The toll of Putin’s wars

By intervening in Syria, annexing Crimea, and sustaining military presence in Eastern Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin seems to have ov...

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Christianity: Ukraine might diverge further from the Russian world

The Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) is experiencing troubles in Ukraine. Territory once considered as uncontested land of the Russian Patriarchate...

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