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Baltic Olympics update: Aug. 15

Estonia Estonian wrestler Nabi loses in first round Estoni...

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Estonia's IRL group head: Popularity of Joks makes competitors attack him

Priit Sibul, chairman of the parliament group of Estonia's Pro Patria and Res Publica Union (IRL), has claimed that IRL's presidential c...

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US Congressional delegation visiting Latvia

US Congressional delegation from the House of Representatives Committee on Appropriations led by Representative Kay Granger is visiting Latvia f...

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Latvia's opposition MP seeks probe into purchase of British armoured vehicles

Andrejs Elksnins, an MP of Latvia's opposition leftist Harmony party, has sent Prosecutor General Eriks Kalnmeiers and Auditor General Elita...

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Over 100 Ukrainian troops treated in Lithuania in 2 yrs

Rehabilitation services have been provided in Lithuania to over 100 injured Ukrainian troops since the beginning of military action in Ukraine.

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Estonia: Presidential candidates differ about direct presidential election

Estonia's presidential candidates voiced contrasting opinions on direct presidential election during their debate at the annual opinion fest...

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Baltic Olympics update: Aug. 14

Latvia Ikauniece-Adimina finishes fourth in women's heptathlon at Rio &#...

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Baltic Olympics update: Aug. 13

Estonia Estonian discus throwers place 4th, 5th in Rio Est...

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Presidential hopefuls name foreign political changes as one of Estonia's worries

All of the presidential hopefuls who took part in the debate at the opinion festival in the central Estonian town of Paide on Friday recognised ...

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Brigmanis says Greens/Farmers will run alone in Riga elections

The head of the Union of Greens and Farmers' group at Saeima, Augusts Brigmanis, announced that his party is not planning to run together wi...

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