New KPV LV party supported by 8.4 pct of Latvian voters in June

The newly-founded political party KPV LV, which officially registered in Latvia this month, is supported by 8.4 per cent of voters, a public opi...

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Lithuanian authorities sign memorandum to discourage vote-buying in elections

The heads of Lithuanian ministries for interior and justice and the Central Electoral Commission signed a memorandum to co-operate in combating ...

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Estonia: Govt to allocate additional 13 mln euros for hosting allied forces

The Estonian government on Thursday decided to allocate more than 13 million euros to cover the costs associated with hosting the allied forces,...

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Latvian citizen sustained minor injuries in Istanbul terror attack - Balta insurer

A Latvian traveler suffered light injuries in the terror attack at Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport this Tuesday, according to Latvia's Balt...

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