Russia ban on Latvia exports not ’politically motivated’

Russia's ban on Latvian powdered milk and fish exports is not politically motivate

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Six buyers put forward for Liepajas Metalurgs take over sale

Six investors have submitted bids to buy the insolvent metallurgical company Liepajas

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Lithuania urges citizens to leave Libya amid fighting

Lithuania's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has urged its citize

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Russia bans EU exports amid Ukraine sanctions

Russia has banned large quantities of Latvian powdered milk and fish from crossing its

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Court freezes assets of popular current affairs magazine in Latvia

A court has ordered an asset freeze of one of Latvia's most popular current affair

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MTV ’Pimp My Ride’ star comes to Latvia for exhibition show

Famous rapper and host of MTV's 'Pimp My Ride' Xzibit is in Latvia today t

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Police investigate pro Russia organization in Latvia over Ukraine links

An organization in Latvia is under investigation by security pol

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EU also threatened by swine fever, warns minister

Lithuania's Minister of Agriculture Virginija Baltraitiene has warned that the dea

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Estonia eyes U.S anti-tank missile system

Estonia has entered talks with the U.S. to buy up to 80 anti-tank missile systems cost

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