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Women. Hockey. Politics. An unwieldy mixture

Women. Hockey. Politics. It seems obvious that one needs strike the odd one out, as it is ofte

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Goodbye to a not-your-average, but really extraordinary American!

She has learnt some Lithuanian mushroom pickling secrets, ventured into the chilly Baltic Sea

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The revolt of crooks

We had long thought that cleptocracy is something safely distanced from Europe and, therefore,

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New bike trend takes to the streets

RIGA - This summer Riga has undergone something of a fixie revolution, with fixed-gear bicycle

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Sports in brief - 2012-09-20

The opening two rounds of qualifying for the 2014 FIFA World Cup have gone as expected for the

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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Director: Timur BekmambetovThere are certain titles that te

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We are reminded again of Latvia’s painting and cultural history

RIGA - Culture is a purposeful tool to make a nation unified. It works as a link amongst the p

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Upcoming Events - 2012-09-20

The Cavern BeatlesSept. 27 Congress Hall, RigaSept. 28 Noki

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Photo exhibit on photography

KAUNAS - For a month and a half this year, the city of Kaunas becomes an international photogr

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Boosting the R&D sector for economic growth

RIGA - “What can be more exciting than the joy of discovery?” This was the motto o

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