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Business Analysis: It’s a Win Win Opportunity!

The Christmas break always gives me a chance to take a step back and look at my business, also

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Climate of fear rules in Latvia

RIGA - There are a sufficient number of large investors, who would be ready to invest from 300

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Palink accuses Guscins of extortion

RIGA - On Jan. 13 acting Latvian Prosecutor General Arvids Kalnins handed in an official prote

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Business part of the problem

RIGA - Businesspeople in Latvia believe that Saeima and the Cabinet of Ministers are the most

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Amendment on article 71 of the Law on Value Added Tax of Lithuania

ECOVIS Miškinis, Kvainauskas ir partneriai advokatų kontoraA

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Lietuva in brief - 2012-01-19

Last year, Lithuanian border guards intercepted 6 percent more smuggled cigarettes than they d

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Snow Meeting focuses on Nordic cooperation and protests in Russia

VILNIUS - On Jan. 11-12, Lithuanian, Latvian and Swedish foreign ministers, high-ranking diplo

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Rural development victim of policy

RIGA - The traditional agricultural trades can no longer sustain populations in rural areas, c

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Funds spending inadequate

RIGA - In December 2011, the European Commission sent a letter to the Finance Ministry, critic

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Latvija in brief - 2012-01-19

The head of Harmony Center’s Saeima group, Janis Urbanovics, has still not received the

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