Who is the puppet and who is the master? - PBK, Edgar Savisaar, the Center Party and Russian influence in Estonian politics

The Baltic Times cooperates with the investigative journalism organization The Baltic Cent

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NGO’s that were mentioned on Russkiy Mir Web site as money recipients:

Lithuania “Международный Центр Культ

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Moscow’s Spin Machine in Estonia

Many Estonians view the philanthropy of the Russian state in their country as a deliberate

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Spreading Democracy in Latvia, Kremlin Style

Why won’t Putin’s Russkiy Mir foundation disclose its non-profit activities in the

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Divide and conquer in Estonia

The fight against partial instruction in the Estonian language in Russian-speaking high school

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Russia’s soft power in the Baltics

NGOs in the Baltics have a history of only about 20 years. These groups purport to do good wor

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