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The Rum Diary

Director: Bruce RobinsonDespite being known for his journalism, the anarchic

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Cold War Museum

 VILNIUS - In November, a new museum was opened in the former Soviet secret base for nucl

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Upcoming Events - 2011-12-08

Toto CutugnoDec. 15 Arena RigaDec. 17 Svyturio Arena, Klaip

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The circus that has made the impossible possible

RIGA - Outstanding performances, magnificence in every aspect of the show, may be in its sound

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Hotels cling to preferential VAT in 2012

KLAIPEDA - The hotel sector’s preferential exemption from the 21 percent VAT rate, at 9

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Bank crisis ousts airBaltic minority owners

RIGA - Latvijas Krajbanka offered the state to buy the airBaltic shares that the airline&rsquo

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Parex goes after previous owners

RIGA - Parex Bank and the Latvian Privatization Agency have turned to the courts with a claim

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Business Analysis: Latvia’s self-fulfilling prophesy

In Riga last week I was asked by two senior academics for help in finding a UK university to h

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Krajbanka in long line of swindles

RIGA - No bank can be completely protected from swindlers, even if there are fully-developed i

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Ownership rights

ECOVIS Miškinis, Kvainauskas ir partneriai advokatų kontora(conti

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