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Challenged definition of family has sent tremors throughout the conservative landscape

KLAIPEDA - The Lithuanian Constitutional Court’s ruling that the much-discussed legislat

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Searching to keep the balance in Riga’s “urban tissue”

RIGA - When you walk the streets of Riga it is fairly simple to run into dozens of beautiful b

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UN mandate puts pressure on forestry management

RIGA - With the natural look and feel of Latvia’s greenery fading away as more and more

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Toxic waters beneath the waves

VILNIUS - If one manages to secure the time, trekking the coastline along the Baltic Sea bring

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With 2012 set to be the EU Year of Active Aging, Lithuania’s elderly grunt about demise

KLAIPEDA - Can you picture a couple of Lithuanian septuagenarians sipping bourbon in a cozy ro

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EuroBasket-related politics and curiosities

VILNIUS - EuroBasket fever is felt at every step in Lithuania: supermarkets offer basketball-s

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U.S. Embassy needs to take lessons in information gathering?

KLAIPEDA - With over 50 new documents, which reveal the peculiarities and oddities of Lithuani

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Online bravado thrives despite attempts to curb abundant e-hatemongers

KLAIPEDA - While Norway continues to mourn and investigate the loss of 68 compatriots killed o

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Travels back in time

VILNIUS - Due to questionable politics and the ongoing allegations of human rights abuses insi

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Latvia’s ‘blue flag’ summer destinations

RIGA - Latvians enjoy their short summer ‘window’ to take a dip in the Baltic Sea

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