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Farewell to 2011

Another year is coming to an end. But before we turn out the lights and move on to the

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Anti-Baltic rhetoric to increase after Duma elections

KLAIPEDA - If you were to pay attention to the Lithuanian media, upon hearing the sequence of

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‘Grandparent boom’ in the auditorium

KLAIPEDA - The elderly in Lithuania constitute an increasingly growing group, and along with i

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Lithuanian MPs cling to lavish parliamentary perks

KLAIPEDA - Lithuanian parliamentarians’ 2,000 euro salary per month is at the bottom of

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With Russia’s WTO bid at hand, Lithuania counts on MFN status

KLAIPEDA - While Lithuania was cozying itself up to Russia’s pending membership in the W

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November’s the month to bring together the living and the dead

RIGA - November is when nature is ready to go to sleep for the long winter, when days start to

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Latvians hitting the road raises big questions back home

RIGA - At first glance, Ita Zviedre would seem to be an unlikely candidate for emigration. Wit

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A rushed world reconsiders its food

RIGA - Life today comes at us at a fast pace, and when it comes to deciding on how to keep our

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Light seen at end of library project tunnel

RIGA - The idea for a new national library for Latvia started already 20 years ago and, as it

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Exchange students: feeling good and enjoying Latvia

RIGA - The University of Latvia (UL) has opened its doors to the new school year, receiving al

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