Students protest cuts

2 From wire reports, RIGAA demonstration by students on Nov. 4 outside the C

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Usakovs pulls an about-face

RIGA - Officially, the political party Harmony Center states that it does not support the sign

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Funding disparities hurt lower income students

RIGA - The most significant problem in the Latvian education system is the differing funding a

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Latvija in brief - 2011-11-03

Harmony Center will not support radical Vladimirs Lindermans’ signature-collecting campa

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Strelcenoks to focus on corruption

RIGA - “I have sufficient experience to be able to lead the Corruption Prevention Bureau

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Slesers maintains silence

RIGA - There is no reason to worry about an insufficient amount and quality of evidence in the

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Vaskevics sentenced

RIGA - The long-time State Revenue Service officer and now suspended Finance Ministry official

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Funds delayed for Patent Office

RIGA - Patent Office Director Reinis Berzins received confirmation on Oct. 21 that the Patent

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Latvija in brief - 2011-10-27

One of the nine Home Guard recruits, injured in an Oct. 23 explosion at the Adazi proving grou

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