Three people froze to death north of Stockholm

At least three persons are believed to have frozen to death in the Uppsala region north of Stockholm

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City Council bans Legionnaires Day events

RIGA -- The Riga City Council has introduced a complete ban on events surrounding the Freedom

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Gazprom demands $140 million from Lithuania

VILNIUS - Russian state-owned energy giant Gazprom has sent a letter to the Lithuanian governm

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Bavarian justice minister calls for longer statue of limitations in sex abuse

The Bavarian justice minister's call to lengthen the statute of limitations for sex abuse cases came

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Germany to push for fund to strengthen euro-zone stability

Germany's finance minister has called for the creation of a European equivalent to the International

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German minister says headscarf ban could backfire

Following calls in several European countries to ban Islamic head-to-toe veils, Germany's interior m

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Survivors, academics recall dark episode in Germany's postwar history

Former inmates of internment camps set up by the Soviets following World War II met with academics a

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Left ... out? One woman's politics cloud citizenship chances

How far left is too left, when it comes to becoming a German? A woman raised in the country has appl

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German movie 'The White Ribbon' in running for Oscar

As Hollywood celebrates the Oscars with all the usual glitz and glamour, German movie "The White Rib

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