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Government influence is bad business

RIGA - The biggest problem in the Latvian economy, according to President Valdis Zatlers, is a

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Company briefs - 2010-11-04

Estonian dairy company Poltsamaa Meierei Juustutoostus exported 925 tons of cheese products to

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Rating agencies lose credibility

RIGA - Banks and investors should end their dependence on credit ratings companies because it

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Bankers smiling as the money rolls in

RIGA - Swedbank, SEB and Nordea Bank, the largest lenders in the Baltic countries, returned to

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Good catch for Latvia

RIGA - A meeting of the European Union’s Agriculture and Fisheries Council took place on

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King and Queen fold their cards

RIGA - Well-known Latvian businessman and owner of the restaurant and leisure chain Lido, Guna

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Crisis fuels price increases

TALLINN - Prices in Estonia have gone up by 12 percent on average in the three years since 200

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Directa caught in telephone scam

TALLINN - Hundreds of customers in Estonia are angry at the business practices of the Estonian

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Company briefs - 2010-10-28

The insurance company If will pay 2.44 million euros in compensation to its Baltic customers w

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Tallinn: gateway to Asia?

TALLINN - Tallin airport aims to become the transport hub of Estonia. Riigikogu economy commit

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