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Author Cerniauskaite awarded EU prize for literature

BRUSSELS- Lithuanian writer Laura SintijaCerniauskaite of Vilnius has been awardedthe European U

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EU-Russia relations meeting in New York

VILNIUS- The meeting of the foreign ministers of the European Unionmember states and Russia occurr

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Design Night Fest in Tallinn promises to be a real turnout

The festival offers its visitors unique exhibitions, different installations, fashion shows, perform

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Austria in the market for Estonian design

TALLINN- Austrian companies are looking for seven Estonian producers forco-operation in the sphere

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Lithuanian economy to grow in 2010

VILNIUS- The Lithuanian economy may see growth in 2010, saidGovernor Reinoldijus Sarkinas of the C

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Wage levels have further to fall

TALLINN - Estonian Development Fund CEO Ott Parna warns that the unemployment rate will probably rem

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New Report casts doubt on IMF program

In a recently-published report by the Washington, D.C.-based Center for Economic and Policy Research

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One woman's deep retreat from the rat race

RIGA - In these difficult times, a high-flying corporate career would be a dream for many in the Bal

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America's Demarche

The decision by U.S. President Barack Obama on Sept. 17 to scrap Bush-era plans for a missile defens

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A fresh approach in turbulent times

In a watershed moment for Latvian politics, Nils Usakovs became the first ethnic Russian mayor of Ri

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