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Taking counsel: Debtor and Creditor

Under the Law on Insolvency, an application for insolvency of a legal entity may be made inter alia

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AirBaltic changes routes in Lithuania

VILNIUS - The cancellation of Latvian flagship airline airBaltic's routes from Vilnius has become a

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Real estate workers go it alone

TALLINN - In an increasingly common new trend, real estate brokers throughout Estonia have begun lea

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The week's top news in world financial markets from Maximus Capital

USAAggregate hours worked contracted 8.7 percent at an annualized rate in the first

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INPP fuel storage ready in 2011

VILNIUS - The Energy Ministry has announced nuclear fuel storage facilities to store the nuclear fue

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Lietuva in brief - 2009-04-15

To mark the Millennium celebrations of Lithuania, the Lithuanian postal service, Lietuvos Pastas, ha

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PM: public funds, business sector and social peace are priorities

VILNIUS - The prime minister has presented the government's performance report for 2008 's of which

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The sick must work 's government

VILNIUS - According to a recent government proposal, workers that fall ill will not get paid for the

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Latvija in brief - 2009-04-15

In order to pay police salaries, the Interior Ministry is planning to sell the State Police building

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Bishop speaks on Lutheran-Catholic unity

RIGA - The head of the Latvian Lutheran Church has been forced to retract statements about a possibl

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