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Riot organizers go to trial

VILNIUS - Vilnius Second District Court has held ahearing on the rally that turned into a riot ne

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Smigun to return to skiing

TALLINN - Kristina Smigun-Vahi of Estonia,twice Olympic champion in Nordic skiing,has begun traini

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Russian group admits deportation was a crime

MOSCOW - The Russian human rights organization Memorial said that the massd

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Prince Charles' floral assailent to run for EP

RIGA 's Alina Lebedeva, whose fame came from her notorious floral attackon

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Hijacked ship has Lithuanian on board

VILNIUS - A Lithuanian citizen is aboard a Norwegian tanker Bow Asir whichw

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PGO not to reopen murder investigation

VILNIUS - Lithuania's Prosecutor General's Office hasdecided against revisiting its probe into the

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Stability condition for IMF talks -- PM

RIGA - Latvian Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis has said that the International Monetary Fund and t

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Ergma reelected speaker

TALLINN 'sIncumbent Estonian Parliamentary Speaker Ene Ergma has been reelected to thepost by an

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Same sex doesn't equal same rights

RIGA - Prejudice towards homosexuality remains so entrenched in Latvian society there is even a euph

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I have been watching the cat-fight between the Estonian politicians lately and a mind-boggling idea

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