PGO not to reopen murder investigation

  • 2009-03-26
  • From BNS wire reports
VILNIUS - Lithuania's Prosecutor General's Office hasdecided against revisiting its probe into the obscure circumstances of thedeath of State Security Department officer Vytautas Pociunas during hisofficial visit to Brest of Southwestern Belarus on Aug. 23, 2006.

The late officer's widow, Liudvika Pociuniene, had appealed to a superiorprosecutor the Prosecutor General's Office to reopen the investigation. It was the third time Pociuniene called for reopening the investigation.

Chief Prosecutor of the Pretrial Investigation Control Division ZenonasBurokas summed up the previous ruling with consideration to arguments put forth byPociuniene and decided to dismiss her appeal, the Prosecutor General'sOffice reported.

In November 2006, Lithuanian prosecutors found that the death of Pociunasduring a working trip to Brest on Aug. 23 2006, was an accident and calledoff an underway pretrial investigation. A later investigation confirmed the conclusion.