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Latvia, Estonia join Lithuania in downgrade

LONDON -- Ratings agency Fitch has downgraded its long-term outlooks forEstonia and Latvia to nega

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Blast caused by military ordinance

TALLINN - Preliminary informationindicates that the explosive device which wounded fourteen

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Oil slick off Lithuanian coast

VILNIUS -- About 200-400 kilos of crude oil spilled into theBaltic Sea

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Police bust prostitution ring

RIGA - A number of suspected criminals allegedlyinvolved in an internationa

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Director: Matt ReevesI have never been a big fan of either giant-monster-rampages-th

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One Missed Call

Director: Eric ValetteI generally dislike supernatural horror movies 's a staple of

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An old haunt gets a swanky new look

RIGA - I liked Casablanca. That Old Town hangout had an upbeat atmosphere, good music, tasty drinks

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Dabbling in the art market

VILNIUS  - Like any other commodity, of course, art is bought, sold and invested in. Eagerly da

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TRAIN TRAVEL - Turning passenger rail service around

With the effects of global warming starting to rear their ugly hea

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Upcoming Events - 2008-01-30

Paul Van Dyk (electronic legend) Feb 1: Arena Riga

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