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Swedbank in crisis

TALLINN - With its stocks plummeting, its long-term credit rating downgraded and loans facing expiry

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Baltic inflation rates continue to fall

RIGA - Inflationrates in the Baltic states continued to fall inSeptember, with Latvian, Estonian

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Lithuanians pessimistic about future economy

VILNIUS - The results of a recent public opinion poll have found that Lithuanians are becoming incre

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Fitch downgrades Baltic ratings

TALLINN - In thelatest twist in the Baltic states' plummet into aneconomic hard landing, the Fit

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SEB: Latvian economy to shrink in 2008

RIGA 's Analystsfrom SEB Banka, one of the largest banks in Latvia, have predicted thatthe count

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Company briefs - 2008-10-01

Estonian mobile operator Elisa is planning to invest hundreds of millions of kroons into the develop

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Russia throws down Druzhba gauntlet

VILNIUS - Russian Ambassador to Lithuania, Vladimir Chkhikvadze, has challenged the government to he

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Tallinn TV tower revival in the works

TALLINN - Having stood idle for many months, the Tallinn TV tower is set to be converted into a conf

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Swedbank fends off rumors of a fall

RIGA - Swedbank, formerly Hansabank announced that it may have to cut staff, amid growing concerns o

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Estonian Air forced to rethink strategy

TALLINN - Estonian Air will develop a local niche in order to circumvent market losses due to overwh

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