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It is quite interesting that after only two visits to Riga ["Tourism advice," TBT #580, Nov. 1] you

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Unethical Behavior?

[Refers to 'Get of the public payroll,' letter submitted by Stephan Eberhardt, TBT #584, Nov. 29]

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No one who has paid the slightest attention to events in Russia over the past several years was the

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Eesti in brief - 2007-12-05

Six people were killed early on Dec. 4 when a fire destroyed a building in Tallinn's Kopli district,

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TV plan sparks marathon city council session

TALLINN - Tallinn's most recent bi-weekly city council meeting dragged on until 4 a.m. as opposition

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Ciupaila tipped for Interior Minister post

VILNIUS - Deputy Interior Minister Regimantas Ciupaila is one step closer in receiving an official e

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Bus drivers gearing up for Dec. 11 strike

TALLINN - Estonian bus drivers are preparing a Dec. 11 strike that could cripple public transport na

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Leaders irked, not shocked, by Russian election

TALLINN - Baltic politicians expressed disappointment in the overwhelming victory of the pro-Vladimi

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PM resigns without successor

RIGA - As The Baltic Times went to press on Dec. 5, Prime Minister Aigars Kalvitis was in the midst

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Estonia hires diplomatic dog to read news online

CYBERSPACE -- Estonia opened an 'embassy' in the internet-based vir

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