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Church leaders, teachers oppose anti-discrimination amendments

RIGA - Parliament completed its second reading of proposed anti-discrimination amendments to the Pen

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Adventures in the Latvian Labor Market

After two months of writing about issues such as wage inflation, and the lack of qualified workers i

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February promises to be an exciting, if not tumultuous, month in Latvia. Starting the first day, Par

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Eesti in brief - 2007-01-31

Relatives of the two Finnish pilots killed in the Copterline crash of August 2005 have filed a lawsu

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Kalevipoeg statue takes a step forward

TALLINN - Plans to erect a giant statue of the folk hero Kalevipoeg in the Bay of Tallinn have progr

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Prices for Tallinn's vodka a tipple too much

TALLINN - Estonians could soon be taking Finnish-style alcohol shopping trips to Latvia as the diffe

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Tallinn rediscovers Karp legacy

TALLINN - There's nothing neutral about Raine Karp's architecture. He is, at equal times, the most l

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Border treaty raises fierce debate

RIGA - Parliament voted to send a draft proposal for the Latvian-Russian border treaty to the commit

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Footage casts new light on ferry tragedy

TALLINN - families of the victims of the Estonia ferry disaster came a step closer to discovering th

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KGB Act threatens Lithuania's international reputation

VILNIUS - Lithuania has still not decided on what to do with its former Soviet special service colla

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