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Teacher, doctors upset with 2008 budget

RIGA - Unions representing teachers, doctors, nurses and other public workers have joined together t

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Zatlers goes to Afghanistan

RIGA - President Valdis Zatlers started an official visit to Afghanistan on Sept. 8, marking the fir

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Latvian man sues Russia over deportation

RIGA - An elderly resident of Riga has launched procedures to sue Russia in the European Court of Hu

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Latvija in brief - 2007-09-05

A group of environmentalists from the south-eastern city of Daugavpils 's only 25 kilometers from th

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Russian nationalists denied march

RIGA - Riga City Council has decided not to allow the controversial "Russian March" that had been pl

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Second wiretapping scandal hits nation

RIGA - The Prosecutor General's office has brought charges of illegal wiretapping against former Sec

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Emsis decides not to step down

RIGA - Parliamentary speaker Indulis Emsis announced on Sept. 3 that he plans to remain in his post,

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Latvija in brief - 2007-08-29

The Latvian language daily Latvijas Avize reported on Aug. 28 that Economic Minister Juris Strods ha

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Two ruling coalition parties officially merge

RIGA - On Aug. 25, Latvia's First Party and Latvia's Way, along with two unknown regional parties, t

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Parliamentary chairman under fire

RIGA - The Prosecutor General's office may soon lodge a request with Parliament to revoke immunity f

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