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First lady outraged by attacks on president

TALLINN - Ingrid Ruutel, wife of President Arnold Ruutel, expressed her indignation over attacks aga

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Academics protest election ploys

TALLINN - Estonia's intellectuals stepped into the pre-election debate last week, asking Parliament

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Eesti in brief - 2006-08-16

Tallinn and parts of northern Estonia came under a ghostly pall last week as smoke from forest fires

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Skinheads disrupt gay pride parade

TALLINN - A group of skinheads violently disrupted a gay pride parade held in Tallinn on Aug. 12, ma

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Rotor failure to blame for helicopter crash

TALLINN - Investigators are now certain that a rotor servo malfunction was the cause of last year's

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Two-party agreement assures Ruutel second term

TALLINN - President Arnold Ruutel will most likely take on a second term in office, now that two pol

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Eesti in brief - 2006-08-09

More fractures developed in the Estonian parliamentary roundtable of the five political parties atte

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Estonia tops liberty index

TALLINN - Estonia is the world's most free and liberal country, according to a recent study on globa

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Ryanair flies into Tallinn

TALLINN - Representatives of Europe's biggest low-cost airline, Ryanair, this week met with official

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Pride parade meets little resistance

TALLINN - Less than a month after Latvia's tumultuous gay bashing incident, Tallinn will attempt to

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