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Candles on 100-day cake burn 'sadly'

VILNIUS - If the current Lithuanian government were a business enterprise, it would go bankrupt. Wor

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Bush schedules a trip to Latvia

RIGA - U.S. President George W. Bush announced last week that he would visit Latvia May 6 's 7 befor

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Ansip emerges as strongest candidate for next Estonian prime minister

TALLINN - President Arnold Ruutel began talks this week with political party leaders in order to fin

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Ambassador lashed out at Lithuanians

VILNIUS 's Russia's Ambassador Boris Cepov lashed out at Lithuania in an interview, saying it isn't

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Kernave's upcoming events

It's best to visit Kernave on a sunny day to get a panoramic view of the hill-forts, river valley an

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Kernave: Lithuania's 'Troy' to celebrate UNESCO heritage site listing

VILNIUS - Few countries are so fortunate as to have an archaeological treasure trove preserving 10 m

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Still not sorry for Soviet crimes

For the last couple of months, I have been wondering what is wrong with the Russian political elite.

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'Time to move beyond the barking and biting'

President Valdas Adamkus' decision to skip the World War II anniversary hoopla in Moscow has sparked

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It is both a shame and a relief that Estonia's Cabinet collapsed this week. A shame because the gove

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Public commuting on the rise

RIGA - As fuel prices continue to grow, more and more Latvians are leaving their cars at home and pu

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