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Intrigue around Mazeikiu Nafta sale increases as Kremlin puts squeeze on Kazakh bidder

VILNIUS - Last week Transneft, Russia's state-owned oil pipeline monopoly, suddenly cancelled a 10-y

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Lithuania to auction off 3G mobile license

VILNIUS - Lithuania's Communications Regulatory Authority last week announced a tender for several n

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Company briefs - 2005-11-16

Linstow Center Management, the Norwegian-owned real estate developer, announced it invested about 35

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Taking counsel

Minority shareholders' ability to influence company activitiesUsually the maj

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Merko Ehitus becoming one of Baltics' most profitable companies

TALLINN - Third-quarter earnings of Merko Ehitus rocketed 97 percent year-on-year to 154.4 million k

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Ryanair instills big hopes in Kaunas

KAUNAS - Kaunas' airport expects that the Irish discount carrier, Ryanair, which has announced its i

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Tallinn Trade House sees sales earnings soar

TALLINN - Consolidated sales of the Tallinna Kaubamaja (Tallinn Trade House) increased by 36 percent

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Riga Free Port to raise fees next year

RIGA - Riga Free Port officials said they were planning to raise port fees in the near future, the f

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Latvia competition watchdog to examine Mazeikiu's 'monopoly'

RIGA - The Latvian Competition Council has decided to launch an investigation into alleged market sh

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State negotiates with Yukos, shops for lawyers in Holland

VILNIUS - The government announced it had begun talks with Yukos, the embattled owner of the Mazeiki

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