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Tallying up the year in sport

To wildly paraphrase the Frank Sinatra song, it was a very good sporting year for the Baltic states.

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The European Union and the halo effect

"The Islamic world, the Islamic extremists, even bin Laden, rejoice for the entrance of Turkey into

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At the end of each year pundits have a tendency to claim that the past 12 months was the year, the o

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Fund issues mortgage-backed securities

TALLINN - The Baltic-American Enterprise Fund issued $63.6 million in mortgage-backed securities in

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Change in Baltic fortunes could be in store for TeliaSonera

RIGA - Speculation over Telia-Sonera's intentions to acquire controlling stakes in two Baltic teleco

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Government frets over Mazeikiu, Yukos

VILNIUS - Lithuania's government has no intentions to acquire a majority holding in Mazeikiu Nafta,

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Right-wing opposition forms coalition, ponders homemade 'orange revolution'

VILNIUS - Leaders of the opposition Homeland Union (Conser-vatives) and Liberal Centrist factions si

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Budget that brought down a government passes smoothly

RIGA - The budget that brought down the last government was approved - in record time - on Dec. 20 b

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Parts pays Lihula a reconciliation visit

TALLINN - Prime Minister Juhan Parts this week visited Lihula, where earlier this year a controversi

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Parts fulfills promise and visits Lihula

LIHULA 's Prime Minister Juhan Parts visited Lihula on Tuesday in an attempt to shore up disgruntled

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