Zuokas defiant in face of colleagues' criticism

VILNIUS - The board of the Liberal and Center Union, which is currently beset by infighting, has dec

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Framework convention to be ratified

RIGA - The Framework Convention on National Minorities could be ratified by the end of the year, Pre

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Domestic row ends in explosive tragedy

TALLINN - The bomb explosion that triggered fears of terrorism and took the lives of the bomber and

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Topsy-turvy coalition talks forge fragile right-wing peace

RIGA - Negotiations over forming a new government in Latvia took a number of surprise twists this we

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Adamkus tries hand at mediating in eye of Ukrainian maelstrom

VILNIUS - The Baltic states' ambition to help democratize other former republics of the Soviet Union

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Cabinet formation sparks liability debate

VILNIUS - Prime Minister Algirdas Brazauskas submitted his list of proposed Cabinet ministers to the

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Nation unprepared for potential oil spill

TALLINN - Despite the high probability of an oil-tanker disaster in Estonian waters, authorities hav

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Border deal linked with WWII celebration

RIGA - The Baltic presidents met in Vilnius on Nov. 26 to pen a number of agreements, ranging from t

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