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Estonia - the state of the e-state

TALLINN - Seven years ago, the then Estonian president Lennart Meri, in cooperation with the United

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Who wants to be the Lithuanian president?

VILNIUS - With President Valdas Adamkus' inauguration on July 12, The Baltic Times has traced the hi

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Catching up with the grand old man of Latvian brewing

BAUSKA - An elderly man with white hair and a grandfatherly smile walks through a barley field, lett

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New recycling center hopes to change attitudes in Estonia

TALLINN - Estonia has a fine, if rather unusual tradition of recycling. But those old ladies who rou

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Baltic filmmakers struggle to get film industry in motion

RIGA - Baltic cinema is in a bad state. With a severe lack of adequate equipment and well-trained fi

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Baltic music industry seeks magic formula for success

RIGA - For some people the idea of a Baltic music industry is an oxymoron. Yes, the Baltic states ch

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Latvian expats ponder which is their home from home

NEW YORK - It's another Monday morning, and while Latvian President Vaira Vike-Freiberga is still ge

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Black pottery revived from oblivion

VILNIUS - People prefer to forget the blacker elements of the past, even the black treasures that on

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Pedal-powered taxis turn heads in Tallinn

TALLINN - They look like futuristic cars straight out of a Spielberg film. Or like big, white fleas

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Cesis shapes up to celebrate its 800th anniversary

RIGA - After the Baltic states broke away from the Soviet Union in 1991, the Moscow-issued statues o

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