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How was this year for you, darling?

Find out what do people think of the past year 2004."2004 was a very tough and a very be

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The forgotten fleet: the British navy and Baltic independence

RIGA - While Latvia held back-to-back celebrations for Lacplesa Day and Independence Day, a much sma

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The TBT guide to buying a used car

TALLINN - I am standing in the back of a used car lot with my friend, another Andrei, who is lookin

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The return of the saint

VILNIUS - It wasn't only the newly signed EU constitution that Lithuanian Prime Minister Algirdas Br

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The problems of becoming a natural born Latvian

RIGA - "Congratulations, you've passed the exam," the young Latvian official told me after I had com

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Estonia's fight against alcoholism drained of resources

TALLINN - Just beyond the city center, and Tallinn's finest shopping mall, runs a railway line. On t

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The Baltic way by foot

Estonia: Unexpected welcomeLatvia: Sweet and sourLithuania:

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Why does Lithuania attract so much bad press?

VILNIUS - It is not very often that Lithuania hits the headlines in the international press. But whe

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Estonian Euroskeptics continue to fight their corner

TALLINN - At the British Conservative Party's annual conference last week, Tory leader Michael Howar

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Old problems, new challenges

RIGA - It just happened to be the International Day of the Elderly (Oct. 1) when I paid a visit to t

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