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Eesti in brief - 2004-12-22

A police car that was part of President Arnold Ruutel's escort hit another vehicle while escorting t

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Landmark research project hits impasse

TALLINN - The Estonian Genome Project Foundation and its financial backer, EGeen, have terminated th

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Family doctors demand guarantees on state's promised wage hike

TALLINN - Estonian physicians have demanded guarantees that the government keep its promise to incre

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Parts pays Lihula a reconciliation visit

TALLINN - Prime Minister Juhan Parts this week visited Lihula, where earlier this year a controversi

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Eesti in brief - 2004-12-15

Parliament voted down the legal chancellor's proposal to allow party unions - blocs of members of va

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Water transparency decreases in the Baltic Sea

TALLINN - The transparency of water in all the sub-basins of the Baltic Sea has been decreasing over

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Ruutel to make private visit to Russia

TALLINN - President Arnold Ruutel agreed to go to Moscow in January to accept an award from Patriach

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Center Party signs cooperation protocol with Kremlin-controlled United Russia

TALLINN - The Center Party signed a protocol of intentions with Russia's ruling party United Russia

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Eesti in brief - 2004-12-09

The development of economic ties is the most promising field of cooperation between Estonia and Isra

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Bomb threats test emergency response

TALLINN - A bomb threat startled the Meloodia ferry crew into action Dec. 4, though the alarm turned

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