Estonia becoming a European prostitution-tourism capital

TALLINN - Estonia needs more information campaigns and active involvement on the part of politicians

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Lithuanians most sanguine of Balts

VILNIUS - According to a recent international study, Lithuanians are more optimistic about the year

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State wavering afflicts AIDS prevention efforts

TALLINN - Experts from Estonia's oldest AIDS prevention group have criticized the government's strat

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Moscow to keep up the heat on minority rights

MOSCOW - A series of statements from the Russian Foreign Ministry in the first week of the new year

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Borisov not packing his bags yet

VILNIUS - Yuri Borisov, the millionaire businessman and presidential supporter who was stripped of h

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Marbled seal population rapidly declining

TALLINN - Since most Estonian residents have never seen a marbled seal in the wild, they were surpri

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Repse: heed nature's call

RIGA - Shortly before midnight on New Year's Eve, Latvian Prime Minister Einars Repse gave an addres

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Paksas defies commission, irks court

VILNIUS - Lithuanian President Rolandas Paksas aggravated his already tenuous position this week by

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