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No sell-offs planned in Estonia

TALLINNEstonia's new governing coalition of the People's Union, the Reform Party and Res Publica

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Markets watch Ventspils

RIGAThe Baltic Index of 15 Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian blue chip stocks - all priced in euro

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Former French PM charged with fraud

BRUSSELSFormer French Prime Minister Edith Cresson has been charged with fraud over allegations d

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Time for euro to supplant dollar

STOCKHOLMThe euro could become a counterweight to excessive political and economic dominance from

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Eastern rural zones divided on EU

WARSAWRural communities in the former communist bloc range from hesitant to downright opposed ahe

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Stocks still buffered from war

RIGAThough the war in Iraq was the primary focus of investors' attention last week, Baltic stocks

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Investments plummeting

TALLINNThe Bank of Estonia said the sum total of direct investments in Estonia last year was 5.1

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Unemployment edges down

VILNIUSThe Lithuanian Statistics Department released figures last week showing that the country's

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New Parex fund registered

RIGAThe Latvian financial supervisory body, the Finance and Capital Commission, has registered a

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Economy surging forward

VILNIUSLithuania's economy, which expanded 5.6 percent last year, continues to power its way forw

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