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Divining the future of fun in Lithuania

Bored in Vilnius? Ambitious entertainment projects mean that in a few years you may have all the exc

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Catching up or remaining behind?

Since regaining independence in 1991, Latvia has achieved remarkable results in its transformation p

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The first rule of diplomacy is to think long and hard before you speak. Inevitably, given all the ac

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Uneasy neighbors reaching to West

Bulgaria is saying it wants to pursue accession into the European Union alone and not together with

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The view from outside

J. Michael Lyons spoke with Popular Front leader Dainis Ivans about the past, present and future of

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Norma and Lasco push Baltic indexes down

The fall in stock prices for Estonia's seat belt maker Norma and Latvia's shiping firm Latvijas Kugn

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Paldiski port project on track, environmentalists wary

TARTUThe Paldiski South harbor on Estonia's north-western coast is emerging as one of the country

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Swedish firm named in 68 lawsuits

STOCKHOLMSwedish engineering and packaging company Alfa Laval AB said this week it had been named

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Danish telecom profit soars, pre-tax earnings forecast revised upward

COPENHAGENDanish telecoms operator TDC, formerly known as Tele Danmark, reported Nov. 4 a big inc

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Central Europe poised to be automaking giant

PragueNot so long ago, central Europe's highways and driveways were home to aging jalopies. In th

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