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The devil of addiction

Dr. Aleksander Laanemann's drug habit cost him nine years in prison. When he cleaned up his act, he

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Baltic markets try to catch short-lived Western fortune

Most of the Baltic bourse's blue chip stocks made gains last week, reflecting upswings on the world'

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What goes up must come down, maybe

The real estate markets in Tallinn and Riga have come under serious comparative studies in recent ye

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Sweden ups growth forecast

STOCKHOLMThe Swedish government, facing a general election next month, gave sharply improved fore

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Angry Polish farmers dig up Russian pipeline

WARSAWPolish farmers dug up a stretch of a pipeline carrying Russian gas to Western European mark

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Russia's WTO bid delayed over finer points

MOSCOWA top economic official conceded that Russia's accession to the World Trade Organization co

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Failed German Sonera deal haunts Finns

HELSINKIFinance Minister Sauli Niinistoe on Aug. 19 admitted the Finnish state was partly to blam

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Stora Enso to acquire Estonian sawmills

TALLINNThe Finnish wood products company Stora Enso Timber said last week it had signed a letter

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In Brief - 2002-08-22

New playerMobile telephone company Vertelson Halduse OU will start operations in Estonia by year'

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Sorry tellers: online banking here to stay

TALLINNHansapank has closed 21 of its 113 Estonian branches in the last year as more customers ar

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