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Flower girl faces 15 years in jail

RIGA - A carnation-wielding schoolgirl who whacked Britain's Prince Charles during a tour of the Bal

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Estonian grill masters win hearts and stomachs

TALLINN - A six-member team of Estonian expert BBQers is eager to show the world just how well they

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Proposed dams threaten endangered salmon

STAICELE - The banks of the Salaca River, quietly winding below Daina Avotina's guest house, are res

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"What if...?"

I have been relegated by fate to an observer status, a senior citizen with time to observe and conte

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As Lithuanian politicians debate yet again whether or not to allow foreigners to purchase agricultur

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Baltic List: Big stocks bring down indexes in slow trade

The Baltic stock exchanges last week again proved vulnerable as most share indexes headed lower in e

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Officials download in excess

TALLINN - The Estonian state's Information Technology Center this week announced a crackdown on down

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Multiplexes - a growing sector in the Baltics

RIGA - It is a plot worthy of a movie: big international companies muscle into local markets while s

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Lietuva Hotel gets facelift

VILNIUS - One of Vilnius' largest hotels, the Norwegian owned Lietuva, has closed its doors to begin

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Estonia presents its own champagne

TALLINN - Estonia is ready to place itself on the world map of wine makers despite its northern loca

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