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More punkish behavior

Riga's sky was white with fog when the National Bolsheviks took St. Peter's tower, last November. Th

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Hockey craze to repeat next year

The 2001 World Championship for the Latvian national ice-hockey team was over a week before the fina

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Rising Estonian stocks push up Baltic index

Significant gains by most Estonian stocks pushed up the Baltic index of the most capitalized Baltic

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Off the wire

FARMING ON TABLE: Estonia and the European Union could within a few months start talks on mutual eas

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Lithuania's Kalnapilis splits away

VILNIUS - The Lithuanian brewery Kalnapilis, controlled by the Scandinavian concern Baltic Beverages

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Aldaris to invest 2.5 million lats in development

RIGA - Aldaris, Latvia's largest brewer, this year plans to invest 2.5 million lats ($3.97 million)

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Cable television takes over Lithuania

VILNIUS - Television has played a special role in Lithuania ever since independence. Almost as soon

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Success suggestions

"Eighty percent of success is showing up" – Woody AllenIt is easy to become discouraged when your

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Organization aims to play key role in Baltic development

VILNIUS - As businesses in the Baltics prepare for approaching European Union membership, one organi

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Latvian banks to continue operations in Russia

RIGA - Russia's central bank is preparing a document that will ease requirements on CIS and Baltic b

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