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Latvian fashion industry gets make-over

TALLINN - In imitation of Spanish market leaders an Estonian clothing manufacturer-cum-retailer is b

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CRIPPLED COMPETITION: Two companies have complained to Latvia's Competition Council about the refusa

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E-business gradually catches on in Lithuania

VILNIUS - Lithuanian hesitancy to jump on the electronic-commerce bandwagon could soon change, judgi

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More trouble for oil complex

VILNIUS - Lithuania's Mazeikiu Nafta oil complex was hit by a barrage of troubles over the past week

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Shipowners demand lower harbor fees

TALLINN - Shipowners sent a letter of protest to Estonia's Transport and Communications Ministry Nov

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Cod quotas to plummet next year

RIGA - As the number of cod in the Baltic Sea steadily decreases Latvia's cod-reliant fishing indust

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Estonia has one of world's freest economies

TALLINN - Estonia has one of the world's freest economies and Lithuania's economy has shown one of t

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Lithuania launches first gas privatization tender

VILNIUS - Lithuania has officially launched the first of two tenders to privatize the 92 percent sta

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Estonia faces current account crisis

TALLINN - The International Monetary Fund has just issued a forecast that among the Baltic countries

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Land up for sale or rent

RIGA - The privatization of the tobacco plant Rigas Tabakas Fabrika has hit a stumbling block becaus

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