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Constructing with hazardous materials

The construction market in Latvia is on the rise. Older houses are getting face-lifts, and more and

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Lithuanians finished with Conservatives

VILNIUS - The center-right Liberal Union of Rolandas Paksas and the center-left New Union (Scial Lib

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Who you gonna call?

Paranormal studies in Estonia: A serious hobby for serious peopleWhile the methods of wizards and

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Absolute precision in 'Bartas style'

During the Arsenals Film Forum this month I suppose I personally saw about 25 films. Among these

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Corruption increasing in post-communist countries

Corruption in Eastern Europe and the post-Soviet states is "reaching new heights and posing new chal

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The Olympic Games in Sydney was a triumph for all three Baltic countries. Lithuania grabbed two gold

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Baltic Index up slightly despite euro strength

Significant gains by the euro against both the Lithuanian litas and the Latvian lat failed to bring

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Uhispank offers discounts to former investors

TALLINN - Uhispank announced on Sept. 28 that it would provide favorable investment opportunities to

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Leading Estonian cable TV operator gets new owner

TALLINN - The Emerging Europe Capital Investors (EECI) fund on Sept. 28 bought 60 percent of the sha

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Lauma goes West

RIGA - Lauma, one of Latvia's leading manufacturers of women's lingerie, has succeeded in reorientin

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