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Estonians don't approve EU sanctions on Austria

TALLINN – The European Union's reaction to Austria's new coalition government has had a negative eff

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People's Party wants to name KGB names

RIGA - One of the parties in the governing coalition has drafted a law that would publish the identi

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Prodi brings good news to Lithuania

VILNIUS - The doors of the European Union are open for Lithuania, Romano Prodi said. Prodi, Europ

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An EU brain drain or brain gain?

RIGA — Young, smart, educated, fluent in English. Vitas Diyokis is in the perfect position to leave

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Anti-anti-Fascism recalls anti-anti-communism

Individuals and organizations in Eastern Europe concerned about the rising influence of extreme nati

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The news from OECD's latest regional economic assessment is positive but brings to mind a grim analo

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Tartu's historical church unveils new window, sparks controversy

Jaani Kirik (St. John's Church) is as much a symbol of Tartu as the Town Hall or the University. The

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Lithuanian officials save 2 million litas

VILNIUS (BNS) - Lithuanian civil servants in Vilnius and in the provinces saved over 2.2 million lit

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Once again, Lithuania gets a strong dose of Williams

VILNIUS - Lithuania got a dose of American-style public relations when Williams International Presid

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Bidders continue to tangle over fiber plant

RIGA - The French company Rhodia is currently prepared to invest over 14 million DM ($7.5 million) i

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