Baltics roll out the red carpet

TALLINN - Red carpets were in short supply this week in Estonia since most were being used to keep t

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Lithuania joins EU sanctions against Yugoslavia

VILNIUS - As armed conflict persisted in Kosovo, countries of the European Union (EU) decided to put

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Reports of president's demise greatly exaggerated

VILNIUS - Lithuanian President Valdas Adamkus probably thought he had left the American-style tabloi

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Hunger strike ends on a high note

RIGA - He lost 15 kilos, living on vitamin-added fruit juice in a tent outside the Lithuanian embass

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Russians throw Skrunda switch

By Sandra L. MedearisRIGA - Profusely congratulating each other and their countries, Latvia's For

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Estonians try to wait out Russian storm

TALLINN - As the economic situation in Russia goes from bad to worse, many in Estonia are wondering

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Smart money takes off to farm, mattresses

RIGA - Speaking in an historic building where young guards pace old marble floors in slices of light

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