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Company could put 500 out of work

TALLINN - The state-owned oil shale mining company, faced with decreased consumption of its product,

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Neste strikes up the band, floats the balloons

RIGA - Neste Latvia on Sept. 18, officially popped the cork on its new oil terminal at Riga port. Th

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Don't risk the whole enchilada

RIGA - No putting all the eggs in one not-so-tightly-woven basket, the Bank of Latvia is telling com

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Insurance company formed

RIGA - Hansabank group's new insurance company, Hansa Apdrosinasana, is planning to grab 15 percent

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Estonia stores its gas supply in Latvia

TALLINN - If Russia were to cut off the gas supply to Estonia, the country will still have land gas

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Lithuanians struggle with tax reform

VILNIUS - Taxes don't get good press anywhere. American taxpayers have long regarded their convolute

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Summed up

MODERN SAWMILL OPENS IN ESTONIA: The Paikuse-based wood processing company Paikuse Saeveski opened a

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Internal affairs minister cries foul

TALLINN - After merging back in April, the Hansapank-Hoiupank cooperation has become the largest fin

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Hansapank rearranges stock issue

TALLINN - The Hansapank council was supposed to go ahead with the bidding process that would allow o

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Exporters fish for new markets

RIGA - Getting fish to change direction from east to west is not an easy chore. For food producers i

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