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Russia must remain whole

Russia has a new prime minister, but the situation in this neighboring country is still difficult. T

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Reporters have never enjoyed much respect. People distrust them. Politicians sometimes fear them. Ju

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Sleeping Beauty of a lost generation

A group of young Latvian filmmakers, most of whom lost grandparents and other relatives during World

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The Celtic connection

Living abroad inevitably means adapting to some of the new country's customs. For Ianis Kalejs, bein

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Homecoming in a distant land

St. Savior's Anglican church in Riga strengthens its foundations. Dzoanna Eglite reports on a church

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Bremen days in Riga

Like older sisters everywhere, Riga's sister city of Bremen has no problem showing off. Katya Cengel

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Stock markets: weekly report (September 15 -Ê21)

Estonia: Share prices plummetLast week on the Tallinn Stock Exchange share prices fell sharply wi

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Russian woes could force unemployment up

VILNIUS (ELTA) - Although things have been steady until now, Social Security and Labor Minister Iren

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Air Baltic files Moscow flight plan

RIGA - Three years after it applied for permission, Latvian national carrier Air Baltic will be land

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Crime may be up but locks are available

VILNIUS - According to the Lithuanian Department of Statistics, the crime rate in Lithuania is consi

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