Sand used to treat melting asphalt in Tallinn

  • 2022-06-29
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN - High air temperatures have pushed road surfaces in Tallinn above 50 degrees Celsius, causing heated bitumen to rise to the surface in some road sections -- this is most common on busy streets and at junctions.

The Tallinn Urban Environment and Public Works Department is constantly monitoring the condition of the roads and, if necessary, sand is sprinkled on the roads to alleviate the situation. 

On Tuesday, sand was sprinkled on Paljassaare and Kloostrimetsa roads and on Saku, Kauba, Rapla, Maleva and Lubja streets. On Wednesday, the road pavements of Paljassaare road and Kauba, Rapla, Saku and Maleva streets, as well as the road connecting Lubja and Laagna roads and Silikaltsiidi street will be treated.  

"Hot temperatures have harming effects not only on human and animal health, but also on roads. We are making efforts to mitigate the overheating of the roads, but I would still advise drivers to be particularly attentive to the road surface to avoid accidents," Tallinn Deputy Mayor Vladimir Svet said.

The covering of melting sections with sand will continue until the heatwave passes. Watering streets to cool roads would not be practical, as water evaporates from hot asphalt in 10 minutes and has virtually no cooling effect. Furthermore, watering trucks may cause additional damage to road surfaces.